NaNoShoStoMo -30 in 30

Updated November 15, 2016: We are two-thirds of the way through the month with 21 stories down and 9 more to come. Continue below for the original announcement, and jump to the bottom to see the full list of stories available each day! 

So…NaNoWriMo has begun. For those who aren’t in on the lingo this stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and it is a huge undertaking. I, personally, have always wanted to participate. This year I told myself I would, I pushed and prodded and even did some preliminary prep work. Life, however, is the most convenient of excuses and unfortunately wound up being a poignant one this time. I was unable to complete my prep work and attempting a novel would turn my brain into a nice hash (think peppers, potatoes, sausage, all that stuff except it’s my brain) and I’m not up to go insane quite yet.

Instead I have decided to attempt a similar challenge in the format I love so much – short stories! Inspired by an acquaintance that used this month last year to write 30 poems in 30 days (he is a poet after all) I have felt the itch to rise to the occasion and complete 30 in 30, a ton of short stories and essays to fill 30 days.

I won’t lie, they aren’t all going to be pretty. And not in the fun sense, I’m talking in the rough sense. You’ll be getting quickly hammered-out first drafts, some with a concept already in mind and some that I’ll just be making up as I go along, but the main challenge is in doing it. Some will be flash fiction, quick little pieces of a few hundred words or less. Some will be longer, exhausting to write and hopefully fun to read. Some will be essays on film or filmmakers that I adore, some will be homages to said. It doesn’t matter, there will be content cranked out and my sanity will slowly erode but I deem this “worth it” for the result.

So keep eyes out, faithful few, and hopefully you’ll find something for you in this cacophony of crazy that I’m cranking out. All of this will be edited during the holiday season and possibly re-submitted in a better form. So enjoy these early writings, comment, share them around, and just have fun with me!

November 1st: Raise ‘dem Bones – By Clint Westbrook
November 2nd: Trapped in a Twin Bed
November 3rd: Big Top Salvation
November 4th: Snapshot in the Head
November 5th: This Electric Spark
November 6th: A Little Trip Down the Road
November 7th: The Green, Fuzzy Tall Tale
November 8th: The Definition of Insanity
November 9th: The Bleed for Speed
November 10th: Candles in the Dark
November 11th: Wolfman of Amber Grove
November 12th: Footprints in an Ashen Snow
November 13th: The Hole, the Girl, and the Walrus
November 14th: Taillights in the Rain
November 15th: A Bone to Pick
November 16th: Kenny Carlyle’s Charming Escapade
November 17th: Thump-swipe
November 18th: A Spot on the Shelf, a Place in the Collection
November 19th: Pongo Abeli, Goddess of the Glass Enclosure
November 20th: Fade In, Fade Out
November 21st: A Little Detour
November 22nd: Burger Date
November 23rd: Stalker in the Grass
November 24th: The Eclipse
November 25th: Gimme Fuel
November 26th: The House of Abhorrence and Oddities
November 27th:  The Oath
November 28th: A Nice Christmas for Once
November 29th: One Town Over
November 30th: The End

Bonus shorts!
November 15th: Crook – by Christopher Cho

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