Post-Tallgrass Cuddling: The Annual Wrap-Up!

That magical time of the year has arrived. I’m dead tired, I’ve barely slept, I’ve eaten and drank too much, and I saw more movies than any normal human would want to. This year’s festival was different than I’d experienced before and I was challenged on deeper levels while getting so see some major films screening locally. It was an absolute blast.

A note to Tallgrass staff: if The Wave doesn’t have an interest in catering to the Tallgrass crowd it might not be a good repeat venue. The section for TallPasses served no purpose other than it was where we could get watery beer in exchange for a couple of tickets so…maybe not a repeat of that.

Outside that venue this was a great year for the festival! The screenings weren’t as hilarious or goofy as last year, opting to go for more hard-hitting material this time around. I enjoyed the change of pace and really connected to the subject matter covered in a lot of the entries. It’s a hard decision to pick a favorite (at least one that isn’t Parasite, the obvious best picture of the festival) and I’m not going to try.

Thanks to Cale Ward for being my man-date opening night. A deep thanks to Jake and Erica Treat for powering through the whole festival with me. To Andi, Chelle, and Teppie – I had so much fun with you all and I’m already excited for next year! Taryn Southern and Rob Garver turned out two of the most emotional and human documentaries I’ve seen, while Alex Thompson and Kelly O’Sullivan gave the most honest and sincere film of the festival. To whoever helped score Bong Joon-Ho’s film this year just know that you’re a damn saint. 

A special thanks to Kate and Clay Bastian, who have been kind enough to take me to this festival for a few years now. Without their kindness and support none of this would have been possible. There are few as sweet as you out there and I adore you both (not just for taking me, you happen to be all sorts of badass on your own!). 

Signing off and I’ll see you all next year. I’m going to bed.

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What She Said? The Art of Pauline Kael


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