David Lynch Interrogates a Chicken-Loving Monkey

You heard me.

That’s right, David Lynch has burst back onto the scene after nearly 3 years of silence. Twin Peaks: The Return was a reminder that his darkest aspects and weirdest desires onscreen can be an absolute gift for those willing to follow him down the rabbit hole. He’s been fairly quiet, doing small projects and such here and there while he teases us with contemplations of a 4th season, but other than that I’ve had to live on scraps from him.

Until now, that is. That’s right, my boy is back with a short film he debuted at the Fondation Carteir pour l’Arte Contemporain in Paris back in 2017. Titled What Did Jack Do?, this little treasure has Lynch interrogating a Capuchin Monkey in a noir-esque setting. The monkey is on the lam, waiting for a delayed train. He might or might not have murdered someone, we don’t know, but that’s what Lynch aims to find out.

Look, all of this is pure David Lynch. It’s goofy, weird, dialogue-heavy, and just a delight for its entire 17 minute run time. It’s now streaming on Netflix, dropped for the director’s 74th birthday, and it’s worth the time it takes to sit down and absorb it. Hit the link below to watch it.


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