Saw is Back!

Saw is one of those movies that…well…you never forget your first time. Is it a good movie? Sort of. It’s certainly memorable. It’s also a bad movie, with some acting and structural moments that left me scratching my head. That ending though, and that score!

The series went on a slow, steady decline for most of its run and when they tried to soft-reboot it a couple of years back everything fell flat on its face. Now, though, we’re apparently back. Look, no one ever thought this movie produced by/starring Chris Rock would get off the ground and actually exist. The fact that it co-stars Max Minghella (Horns, The Social Network) and Samuel L. Jackson (I’m not listing his credits, you know who this is) certainly got my attention but…this trailer though.

Dayum, that’s wild! I’m getting Se7en vibes from it, as well as some oddly structured tones, but overall this thing looks good. It’s 2020, and for some reason I’m going to see a Saw movie opening weekend. This looks fun and frantic in the best way. And guess what else! The film got a cool poster!

Spiral: From the Book of Saw drops May 15th. Adjust your schedules accordingly. What an age we live in…

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