Halloween Spooktacular Watchlist!

Good day! My girlfriend and I have put together a list of horror films for our Halloween 2020! COVID-19 be damned, we’re going to have fun of our own at home. If you’d like to follow along our watchlist is below. Enjoy selections from both of us and have a horrific Halloween!

  1. Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein
  2. Annabelle
  3. House on Haunted Hill
  4. The Shining
  5. Halloweentown
  6. Witch
  7. Frankenweenie
  8. The Thing
  9. Halloweentown II
  10. mother!
  11. Monster House
  12. The Innocents
  13. Halloweentown High
  14. Cooties
  15. The Invisible Man (1931)
  16. Hereditary (maybe The Void)
  17. Krampus
  18. Return to Halloweentown
  19. Hocus Pocus
  20. Halloween
  21. The Uninvited
  22. Psycho
  23. Underwater
  24. The Island of Lost Souls
  25. The Ring
  26. Shaun of the Dead
  27. Phoenix Forgotten
  28. The Amityville Horror
  29. Sinister
  30. The Exorcist
  31. Trick ‘r’ Treat

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