The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger – Review

I’m digging this show, but it’s getting bizarre in a lot of weird-ass ways.

Last time we saw Mando and B-Yodes (trying that one out, don’t expect it to stick) they were returning from the Tatooine desert with their prizes and looking to find Mandalorians. Before he leaves, the Mandalorian is talked into taking a passenger that claims she can get him to some of his tribe. It’s a frog-lady, one that has to travel to a nearby system without the use of hyperspace because it will destroy her eggs. They get into trouble and have to band together to get out of it. C’mon, you know this story.

Oh, and they don’t touch on [REDACTED] so don’t get all worked up hoping for that.

What’s interesting about this whole thing is the visual style of Peyton Reed, who directed the episode. If you don’t know who that is just know that he directed both Ant Man films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I guess the show has been some sort of hit because the budgets are visibly larger this time around. Season one focused a lot on the practicality of the sets and costuming, and while season two keeps that they’ve also sunk a sizeable bit of cash into the CGI this year. The Krayt Dragon last week dwarfed anything we’d seen on the show thus far (literally), leaving us with smaller but more interesting creature effects on this outing. Particularly fun is Frog Lady (Misty Rosas), who is literally only known as that, and her blending of lovingly designed suit work with CGI elements that…well, let her hop down on all fours and leap like a frog when she needs a speed boost. It’s a lot of fun to watch and she’s a more interesting little side character for it. 

It also seems we’re getting some view of where the New Republic is at this point. The Mandalorian takes place seven years after The Return of the Jedi and we’re still figuring out the state of The Galaxy. All we got from last season was that Imperial money is mostly worthless now and that they have a remnant sowing discord and marshalling power in the Outer Rim. Now, though, we’re shown that the New Republic is at least trying to root this out and have patrols monitoring and hunting down these lingering cells. It’s an interesting bit of worldbuilding, obvious and yet still more than we got a few years ago in The Force Awakens. I dug it, and it opens up possibilities for future ideas.

Baby Yoda is a jerk. I’m serious, he’s cute but he’s a little shit. Last season he was a bit of a quirky and adorable goober that captured the hearts of pretty much everyone. This episode he’s literally trying to sneak the Frog Lady’s eggs as snacks because he’s a hungry little piggy. It’s odd and highly disturbing (the eggs are said to be the final brood between Frog Lady and her husband, the last of their line) and I like that Star Wars is finally playing in weird territory like that.

What else is there to say? The show is awesome and still has that episodic feel, each entry a new adventure while building a narrative. I hope they touch more on [REDACTED] but it’s going to be worth waiting for. I’m also curious as to the whereabouts of Moff Gideon, though I suspect if we see him again it’ll be a few episodes later. Other than that I’m just psyched that I’m still getting quality Star Wars content and that it’s continuing to be weird and fresh.

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