The Mandalorian Chapter 3: The Sin

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession, wouldn’t you agree? Spoilers are also complicated, and they will abound here so if you haven’t seen the episode I’d steer clear of everything below this. 

I’m overjoyed at the return of Werner Herzog here. Really…I’m just happy to see him in anything; guy is a wonderful whackadoo and I’m enjoying this big ol’ heaping helping we’ve been served. Herzog and Carl Weathers are rocking the house and you best com a-knockin’.

Chapter Three – The Sin is a wonderful episode that furthers the grey morality of our titular character and explores the guild he’s part of. On top of that we get notes on his culture, their suffering, and more references to a purge carried out by The Empire when they were in power. It’s a lot for an episode lasting less than forty minutes but somehow it pulls everything off. Hell, we even see some jetpacks at last. 

And, of course, we’re laden with more Baby Yoda. 

The Mandalorian is told by his boss to drop the kid with the client and get out of there. He does so, but a small part of his heartstrings have been tugged and he asks what’s going to happen. He’s dismissed and takes his leave, carrying a large amount of Beskar steel with him to the hidden tribe. Baby Yoda looked so worried when he was being carted off and my heartstrings were twanged as well. After he’s gone the tribe melts the steel and forges new pieces of armor for The Mandalorian, making him even more of a powerhouse. He forgoes a sigil, though, because the Mudhorn he defeated to earn the steel was beaten with the help of another. The guy feels a debt to the little bugger that saved his life and allowed him to win the fight, and this debt draws him back to the child.

We don’t need to talk about shootouts. They’re badass and vicious, with cool Mandalorian weapons being used to absolutely wreck everyone in his way. The entire thing is a symphony of violent means as he stalks through the hallway, precious and adorable cargo in his arms as he slaughters his way through everyone that stands against him. The final moments of the episode are one of the absolute sweetest things on the show so far, delicate and properly timed to make everyone watching collapse into a puddle as they stare at the adorable interactions onscreen. The Mandalorian continues to prove that no matter what your issues with Disney’s Star Wars are…they’re getting it together. Baby Y

I cannot wait for next week’s episode, though I’m dreading that midpoint where I know I’m halfway done with a season I never want to stop.

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